Changes X
  • Redid Header
  • Added Hamburger Menu.
  • Move templates into load menu.
  • Move FAQ into help menu.
  • Move disclaimer into about.
  • Make changes and todo separate.
  • Added link to github.
  • Added link back for medicationforall.
  • Added about dialog.
  • Added author to cards.
  • Added item slot icons to hero cards.
  • Added a bunch of new keywords.
  • Slightly modified the regular expression for finding integer variable keywords so that Potion Stash X works correctly.
  • Restored Todo History.
  • Removed Helpful wizard button.
  • The card image is now draggable.
  • Organized the option selects.
  • Minus now works as a modifier.
  • Added an all affinity.
  • Removed flavor text from being displayed for timeout and command card.
  • Timeout card back is now a duplicate of the card front.
  • Made form Abilities drag handler helper larger.
  • Changed mouse pointer to indicate drag and drop on form abilities.
  • Improved green region color gradient.
  • Added region color to timeout cards.
  • fixed loading template without region color causing display bugs.
  • Add command card option.
  • Add timeout card option.
  • Add Arcade card option.
  • Abilities can now display name only and definition only.
  • Ability form controly dynamically appear and disappear based in ability type chosen.
  • Option to show keyword as definition on item / loot.
  • Paper cut fixes.
  • Added templates for treasure, and wonder cards.
  • Update area effect keyword descriptions.
  • Add keywords for trap types - line, area, scatter.
  • fix set keywords on load for undefined values.
  • fix set orientation on load for undefined values.
  • add flavor text to explore cards.
  • Added Description only for Ability type.
  • Added Creep Spawn as an avatar option for Explore Cards.
  • Save / load creep spawn count.
  • Keywords on back of card are now displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Changed the html title.
  • added meta description.
  • added meta keywords.
  • redid button icons.
  • added action as a modifier.
  • added move as a modifier.
  • fixed poison icon cutoff.
  • Add Heart Modifier.
  • Add Shield Modifer.
  • Update potion icons.
  • Fixed - ability sort doesn't work for loot cards.
  • Keywords with X modifiers now work. Missile, Potion, Compel, Reach, Lance, Spray, Range, Magic, Sweep, Cross, Throw, Burst, Pull, Push, Wave, Heal, and Aura.
  • Modifed keyword icon stlying so that they align better - fire, poison, ice, bane, hex, dangerous, augment, knockdown, slow.
  • Increased default Ability definition width.
  • Made STR ARM WILL DEX hopefully easier to read.
  • Added css animations.
  • Styled the form to look more uniform across browsers.
  • Keyword Editor dialog.
  • Ability to hide keyword definitions.
  • Ability to provide custom keywords with descriptions.
  • Boo Booty icon for Keyword Editor.
  • Validation check to make sure a name is provided for Keyword Editor.
  • Set character limits for keyword Editor Dialog inputs.
  • Ordered sort of keywords is now case insensitive.
  • Save / load custom keywords.
  • Fixed - rename broken icons.
  • Added the requested Ninja All-Star Background.
  • Added an additional 21 backgrounds.
  • Added a FAQ section.
  • Restyled the top links.
  • Drag and drop on abilities to change order.
  • Refactor how save works to only save what's needed.
  • Stubbed out comment blocks.
  • local avatars are now saved as part of the json file so that they can be passed along with the file.
  • load image flip flag.
  • save load new image controls correctly.
  • In a range and dice modifier zero (0) should be replaced with a space  .
  • Use icons provided by Goblin-king.
  • Update Ice icon.
  • Remove left padding for abilities for loot treasure wonder and explore cards.
  • css styling for links.
  • Add help for stats block.
  • Add help for ability block.
  • Code cleanup on Form.js.
  • Fixed - stats that have an empty value are getting re-displayed on card type change.
  • Emptying the STR ARM WILL or DEX stat now removes the stat from display entirely.
  • Fix Dex stat showing up on the pet card.
  • Removed extra flavor text div.
  • Changed Keyword Font / Size.
  • Increased dice icon sizes in abilities.
  • Increased ability name font size.
  • Increased ability definiton font size.
  • Get stats parser working with regular expression.
  • fix stats to work with numbers greater than 9.
  • cleaned up stat class.
  • Ability cost of zero display nothing but the icon.
  • Changed Ability cost min to 0.
  • Built out more image controls allowing for local / remote / and default image selection.
  • Fixed sizing issue when no abilities were present for loot, treasure, and wonder cards.
  • Started Explore Card Template.
  • Resize affinity in item stat.
  • Moved Affinity check to use regular rexpression.
  • Add Amethyst Affinity.
  • Rough Sapphire and Ruby layouts for Treasure and Loot cards.
  • Rough wonder card layout.
  • save /load item stats.
  • save / load orientation.
  • Title / sub title set max character limit.
  • Keyword List set max character limit.
  • Rough emerald, and citrine loot and treasure cards.
  • Increased the font size for STR WILL DEX ARM.
  • process affinity in item stat.
  • add orientation selector.
  • add ability div to card.
  • add keyword.
  • stubbed out creating wonder cards.
  • wire orientation selector.
  • smaller base silhoutte image for treasure and loot.
  • Added special as an ability type.
  • re-worked regular expressions.
  • fixed keywords - specifically Bane Aura had a trailing space..
  • simplified how keyword store was initilaizing.
  • Card Scale is improved.
  • character load now removes previously added abilites.
  • fixed - Weird bug with loading the royal warden template.
  • fixed issue with firefox keeping form data persistant across page reloads.
  • Fixed keywords and Ability definiton being vulnerable to xss attack.
  • Resolve Stat in Ability definition and Keyword.
  • Place dice into keyword description.
  • Overhauled how keywords, dice , and stats are being found.
  • Set initial size for flavorText form element.
  • Updated the fonts to be more accurate using Adalon Bold and Adalon Italic.
  • Fixed margin offset issue - seems to have corrected firefox as well.
  • Fixed mob being picked up as a keyword before immobile.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with ability description overflowing the card.
  • fixed bug - switching card types removes user selected image.
  • changed card gradients for hero and monster.
  • added rough card back for treause and loot.
  • cleanup how dom nodes are linked in Form.js
  • gui controls to delete abilities.
  • css change how the form is displayed.
  • Place dice into ability definition.
0.1.6 and prior
  • Keywords work - initial version.
  • Keyword icons in ability definition.
  • Added Favicon.
  • Wizard started.
  • Update keyword definitions to forgotten king standard.
  • Rename saphire to sapphire.
  • Add jquery ui min.
  • Ability Name no longer uppercased.
  • Fixed save bug that was duplicating abilities.
  • Fixed how stats were storing initial value.
  • Save Flavor Text and monster bit.
  • Change Flavor Text to a textarea.
  • Place Colon between ability name and description.
  • Place icons next to keyword name for back of cards - fire, ice, bane, hex, poison, Knockdown, slow, dangerous, augment.
  • Place affinity into keyword definitions - Stealth Aura, Grabby Hands, Soporific Cloud, Fire Aura, Bramble Growth.
  • build out card back with keyword support.
  • save / load flavor text / and monster bit.