Frequently Asked QuestionsX

Q: Why the .json file when I save?
A: The SDE Card Creator is not storing your card for you. When you close the browser it's gone for good. It is up to you to save it for yourself in case you ever want to change it.

Q: Couldn't it be png or pdf?
A: You can save cards as png's.
PDF export will not happen, instead print the file to pdf writer.

Q: Any chance you'll be adding the necessary artwork to make an Arcade card?
A: I'm hoping to.

Q: Could you add in some help for creating abilities?
A: Maybe, for now look at some actual Super Dungeon Explore cards and see the format they use.

Q: How do I print the card?
A: A: Still in development. Chrome, Internet Explorer Edge, and Firefox all do print the card differently.
For Now Firefox, and maybe Internet Explorer does the best at it with the least glitches.